Where is your physical fiber route?

  • SRP Telecom offers a physically unique fiber-optic footprint. Since it is routed primarily along SRP's high-voltage electric system and uses SRP's private rights-of-way and easements, as much as 90% of our network is distinct from other networks.

Where are your on-net buildings?

  • One of SRP's strengths is that our fiber network spans from one end of the Valley to the other, covering over 15 cities. SRP is dedicated to providing highly customized fiber solutions to benefit our customers' connectivity needs. If we currently do not have a customer location connected to our fiber network, the chances are high that we have dark fiber running in close proximity. We would be happy to look into the specific requirements of your project. Feel free to begin the process by filling out a Non-Disclosure Agreement and we can share additional network information to better assess your needs.

What steps are involved in receiving a quote for Dark Fiber services?

  • SRP’s quote process is a highly collaborative process with the customer and includes a series of simple steps. The result is a quick turnaround of initial pricing that once refined through the firm order quote process provides the customer with a high-level of project feasibility and associated costs. The dark fiber process has three well defined steps:
    1. Initial Quote – The Initial Quote is a budgetary non-binding price quote. The quote process begins when the customer submits a dark fiber request outlining the details of their requirements. Turnaround time for a desktop quote can be provided in as little as 48 hours. An NDA is required to receive an initial quote response.
    2. Formal Quote – The Formal Quote Response is a firm-fixed price quote for the customer project. Turnaround time for a fixed fiber quote can be provided in up to 30 days depending on project size and construction requirements.
    3. Product Order – If the formal quote response meets the customer business case and the customer would like to move forward with the dark fiber solution, the customer can execute the Product Order. The Product Order is a legally binding agreement and lives under the Fiber Master License Agreement. Standard interval is 90 days and may take longer due to project variables including permitting and construction.

What is your standard interval for delivering Dark Fiber?

  • A typical dark fiber solution can include many implementation variables from splicing, make-ready work, Rights-of-Way Permitting, overbuilds, and construction of fiber laterals. What our experience shows is that while every dark fiber solution varies with each company’s requirements, SRP strives to maintain a 90-day standard interval from execution of a confirmed Product Order to acceptance and completion.

What is the price?

  • Each customer's solution is based on the customer's unique CAPEX and OPEX needs along with the project's requirements that may or may not require construction. Therefore, each project's pricing is case-based. Price factors include overall project size, fiber distance, and make-ready work, as well as any lateral construction requirements and costs, if applicable. These project costs vary and affect the overall MRC and NRC.

What term options are available?

  • SRP can provide flexible term options to meet your CAPEX and OPEX budget requirements. We have terms ranging from 12 months to 60 months.

How do we receive an electronic map of SRP's fiber network?

  • SRP uses a proprietary application that documents our fiber network as it resides, collocated with our mission-critical electric system. Once a Non-Disclosure Agreement has been executed for the benefit of each organization, we are happy to share a high-level fiber network map in a format compatible with a geographic information system (GIS). Also, we will furnish documentation of the fiber network as it relates to a given customer project, via the dark fiber quote process.